The One with the Maison de Joelle Opening in Doha

I have never actually had the pleasure of meeting Joelle before this opening. We’ve heard so much about her, seen her on multiple platforms, and watched as she grew a mini empire of “Joelle-ness.” We even attended some of the same events, but for some reason our meeting just never happened. So when I got an email from Design Creationz to attend the opening, I thought to myself “THIS IS FINALLY IT!”


I have to be perfectly honest, I’m not the type to fangirl over people. I try to play it off…cool as a cucumber really…but then on the inside I’m all sauve like “wow, isn’t this cool? Aren’t I lucky?” A trait I kept with me even when meeting Adriana Lima (which by the way man…freaking nicest pretty human being I’ve ever met. God blessed that woman a little extra, I swear.)


Okay, so I’ve sidetracked again.


THE POINT IS: Joelle is a fab woman. Literally, just fab. She has salons, shows, skincare lines, dental clinics…You name the body care technique, and she has it. It’s literally like being in the perfect setting to constantly look and feel your best. I loved it. The Doha salon will be one of my go-to spots for whenever I need my makeup done now…since Valentina now works there and she did my makeup in these photos.

Back to Joelle! The work ethic on that woman is so inspiring, but she hides it behind smiles and fun poses, so you would never actually know that the woman is a BUSINESS SHARK. And I say shark in the most loving of ways. I only hope to be as great of a business tycoon as she is…a baby shark at least? The ones that don’t bite but are just kinda swimming about, posing for pictures and documentaries on the Discovery Channel. Ya, I could totally get on board being that kinda shark.


So onto the photos!


I lied.


Before that let’s discuss what this baby shark is wearing because I have never in my life been asked so many times by various people what I’m wearing. Even a MAN asked me, so he could pass the information onto his wife. He kinda came up to me all bashful with a “I know this seems weird…” kind of face and rambled on about his wife lest I confuse his question for flirting. No, kind sir, I believe you when you say you’re married and you just like my clothing…*cough*


MILLY! Milly by Michelle Smith is the name of the designer of both the skirt and top I’m wearing. I actually had to physically pick this skirt up in bunches so I could walk. It reminded me so very much of my wedding day (minus the corn dogs…BRB while I order myself some of those right now so I can reminisce) which was so nice…feeling like a pretty bride again. Thanks for making me feel like a pretty bride again, Michelle. I think you know exactly what girls want in their skirts: princess poofy-ness. That’s not a word kids, never repeat it lest you look illiterate like I just..looked?…am? See? I don’t even know how to properly finish that sentence. Joke ruined.


Did anyone actually read all of this? If you did, prove it and write something random like “blueberry apple pie to the eye” so I’ll believe that someone, somewhere out there actually takes the time to read the ramblings of a sleep deprived, 25-year-old mother.


I’m going to bed.




No. Photos first then bed.


Here ya go!


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Okay. Bedtime.