The One in PFW SS16 #1

The first time I met Jose was in New York and I was incredibly excited to hear about his method and approach to photography. I’ve met a good amount of photographers in my line of work (it comes with the territory of needing photos of yourself like the absolute narcissist having a fashion blog makes you out to be) but none like Jose.

He’s incredibly kind, talented and has a positive energy about him that he radiates. He’s going to hate this post, and me even mentioning him outright. But, hah. My blog, my rules Jose!

I was lucky enough to able to work with him in Paris and put some looks together inspired by the KENZO SS16 show. Listening to the designers describe the KENZO woman for the season as one who “does not want to be slowed down” propelled me to create some approachable looks for the more modest dresser using some of their previous pieces.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, check it out here.

In the meantime, follow Jose here.

And if you’re in Kuwait keep updated with KENZO through AlYasra here, or subscribe to their newsletter here to win a trip to Paris!


PAFW7412 PAFW7421 PAFW7426 PAFW7431


Vest & Belt Bag: KENZO

Jeans: Levis

Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Photographer by Jose Martinez

The One with Strong Men & Women

I thought I would put this here, too, instead of just Instagram.

Because sometimes I feel like I have important things to say that are better expressed in words. I forget that the photos & work that I do means more to me than I sometimes explain. To me my work is a silent protest:

Yes I am a woman, no I will not remain hidden.

Yes I am public, no I am not immodest.

Yes the way I cover is not typical, no it does not make me any less of a Muslim.


I believe wholeheartedly in the beauty and importance of marriage. It does not define a woman, but it does give a woman an extra foundation to rely on. Do not settle. Do not make yourself smaller to fit into a box that cannot hold your greatness. We as women are still fighting for our place in this world. It was not long ago that we were treated purely like objects for mens convenience…many of our parents & grandparents were alive in a time women were meant to be meek. Small. Unheard. Unseen.

Do not take for granted the time we live in now. But do not be fooled that we as women have reached the equality we have fought so hard for. Women perpetuate our inequality. The same women who chastise me for being a working mother who leaves my son with his father, internalizing misogyny, acting as if men have no responsibility themselves for a child they helped create.

Change the world by raising better men and stronger women, and becoming a partner to a man who is strong enough to challenge status quo alongside you. THAT will be our way forward. Our way out of this harem mentality my own region is guilty of coveting.